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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Legal in Oregon?

Recreational Information

Possession Limits

Purchasing Limits

Where can I smoke cannabis? Where can I consume cannabis in other methods?

What age do I have to be to make a purchase?

Can I grow cannabis at my home?

Can I take my cannabis I purchase in Oregon back to another legal state?

"Organic" Cannabis

Is everything at High Grade Organics “organic”?

What is Clean Green Certified?

What is Dragonfly Earth Medicine (DEM) Certified?


What is the tax on cannabis?

Where does the tax money go from the 17%?

Where does the tax money go from the 3%?

General Questions

Do we accept credit/debit cards?

What are other alternatives to smoking?

Can you get high or have a positive drug test from topicals (e.g. salves, balms, oilment)?

Do we have a military/veteran’s discount?

Do we have any daily specials?

Do we have a loyalty program?

Cannabis Science

What are terpenes?

What are cannabinoids?

The Entourage Effect

CBD - Cannabidiol

Will CBD products that contain no THC show up in a urine analysis (UA)?

OMMP - Oregon Medical Marijuana Program

How to obtain a medical (OMMP) card?

Qualify Medical Conditions

How long does it take to get the card?

How to apply for a card?


Medical Possesion Limits

Physician Requirements

Contact The OMMP